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The #1 rule on improving mountain bike skills

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

First of all, a mountain bike lesson is when a mountain bike instructor explains knowns and approved mountain bike techniques in a given time. Mountain bike lessons are not a tips & tricks session. It takes obviously more than 3 minutes and 1 demo to overview a full technique and yes it takes more than 1 try to master it. If that was the case, mountain bike would be easy!

So, when you book a mountain bike lesson, you will have to explain the reason why you seek a lesson. Then, your coach will evaluate your level and see what needs to be addressed to achieve your goal. That first contact is essential. That's when someone qualified acknowledge your goal and create a plan to reach your expectation base on your actual need. It's a flexible approach.

Tips & Tricks are not flexible neither considerable. They are not adapted to where you are in the learning curve of mountain bike progression. They are the simple raw explanation:"that's what it should be like" and the rest, you figure out on your own.

So here where I'm getting at. The #1 rule on improving Mountain Bike Skills

Don't listen to tips & tricks

I get it, they are friends, they have good intentions and they are probably good at doing what you struggle to do, but they are not instructors. They didn't adopt the technique to your level and for most, it takes more than minutes to learn, try and integrate a technique. Also, you probably get those tips or tricks in the worst environment possible.

We are not robots who can get new programs at any giving time. We are humans and we need a decent environment, time and dedication to learn.

Follow these rules and you will learn fast :

  1. Don't listen to tips and tricks

  2. Set a time

  3. Dedicate your full attention

  4. In an environment adequate to learn

  5. With a qualified instructor

The results are unbelievable. With the help of a pro, you actually have time and mental space to dismantle every little movements to the smallest detail, in the best environment possible to execute the thing that stops you from progressing.

1 Comment

Aug 30, 2021

August 29 2021

Just had one lesson then I

feel so grateful to have a such kind knowledgeable engaging instructor

I booked another lesson the next day

Really enhanced my basic skills and confidence riding

I can highly recommend his services very detailed analytical and enjoyable

Douglas Rose

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