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Mountain Bike Lessons

Why getting a lesson in the first place? What reason brings you to seek a lesson? There is all kind of reasons, but which one do you have :

You want to improve your general ability;

You want to improve a specific technique;

You want to see if there is a better way to do the things you are doing;

You feel block and your progression plateau;

You never try it and you would like to start with all the best advice first.

Well, all those reasons are excellent reasons to book lessons and by all mean do it! You will see all the good it makes. I was amazed how much I gain from my first lesson.

Let's generalize a bite here for the sake of this good old sport. If I would have to classify two main reasons why someone is looking to book a lesson it would be those two :

Increasing Performance

Increasing Control

Learning Cycle offers lessons to whichever approach suits you best. A simple talk before your lesson with your instructor will set the baseline of your lesson planning. At our meeting we go over a simple plan of drills we will perform on an adequate trail section that will make you gain confidence or increase your skills.

What if we are more than 1 biker? Book a lesson for 2, 3 up to 5 even. Format change a bite but the structure stays the same. Create a group of friends that are somewhat of the same skill level. Book a lesson at your giving time and at our meeting we will go together over a general plan that will touch everyone's needs. This semi-private format allowed you to decide who will be part of your group.

Book online to see our schedule !

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