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Learning Cycle

Mountain Bike Lessons


 British Columbia

Our Goal

Learning Cycle

Mountain Bike Lessons

Our Goals

At Learning Cycle, we are committed to teach fundamental mountain bike techniques and skills in a safe and fun environment. 
We understand most people's riding skills are limited to their ability to learn on their own. At Learning Cycle, we want to give everyone tools that want to break that chain and go beyond those self-limitations. We give our guests adapted and detailed mountain bike lessons on :

The Bio-Mechanical
What our body posture should
be in different terrains.

The Mechanical
How the bike works and how we can use it to our advantage.

The Visual and Tactical
When and which skills should be used in a particular section. 

In our mountain bike lessons we first create an ideal image of body position or how to use your bike, we then compare this ideal image to what is actually performed on the trail. We finally correct posture or mechanical use with a visual assessment and repeated practice in different environments.

This concludes the main steps of our mountain bike lessons. These fundamental teachings will give you confidence & control when executed in your favorite mountain bike rides.      

Our Way

LearninG Cycle

Mountain Bike Lessons

Our Ways

At Learning Cycle, we give mountain bike lessons to beginners and intermediates. Our mountain bike lessons are based on the Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Association (PMBI) format. Safe, fun and adaptive learning are our top priorities. 

Our typical mountain bike lesson goes as follows :


At our first contact, we meet and go over your lesson objective. After we go through the safety plan and together we go hit a warm-up run.  
Notes: Clients must bring their equipment in good working order at the mountain bike lesson.. Mandatory equipment is: bike, helmet, water and food... Additional body armour is strongly recommended.

In the warm-up run, I let you lead the way. From a distance, we do a visual assessment to capture details of form and technique. The notes we take will lead to where we start our lesson. Adapting our lesson to your level is at the heart of Learning Cycle's ways. After our quick warm-up, we also go over your equipment for safety precautions. when all is done we choose the right environment to work on the lesson and we are ready to dive into the teaching and learning.
After the warm-up, we go through several fragmented bio-mechanical, mechanical, visual and tactile drills. Those drills are meant to bring attention to details to improve your riding. At last, we go on trails to apply these new skills in a consolidated flow.   

Wrap up

We go over things you learned in the mountain bike lesson and we establish homework to perform in your favorite Revelstoke trails and even beyond!

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